Did Pearl Jam Curse The Cubs? I Went To Wrigley To Find Out

The Cubs entered today in first place, but just 1.5 games ahead of Cincinnati, Milwaukee and St. Louis, respectively, so I put my big-boy pants on and ventured to Wrigley to determine if Pearl Jam instigated the second Cubs curse in my lifetime, or if everything’s actually okay. The Cubs’ Gateway Arch-nemesis down in St. Louis just started heating up, which was just a matter of time. Is the timing coincidence? I don’t know.

Either way, the Cubs need to follow suit to make sure the “The Pearl Jam Curse” never happens, and to keep those pesky birds off of their World Series trophy. Taking three games from the Phillies would be a good start before facing our old friend Starlin Castro and the Yankees this weekend.

Big John Lackey took the rubber, making me rationally paranoid about their chances.

He did little to ease my anxiety throughout the first two hitters he faced, but the offense picked him up, which has been the story of the 2017 Chicago Cubs.

I might’ve reached the “too comfortable” stage in the third Inning after Lackey finished the first two frames without surrendering a run for the first time this year. Jinxes are real.

Shortly after…

Lackey then fell back to earth and my rational paranoia returned.

Like they’ve done all year, the offense answered the bell. The curse meter refused to give a definitive answer; it just toyed with me.

Manager Joe Maddon then turned to the evil step-twins from your worst childhood nightmare. Between Brian Duensing and Justin Grimm, it doesn’t get worse.

Grimm’s struggles continued, so Maddon turned to Pedro Strop to bail out Grimm’s bases- loaded mess in the seventh.

I’ve been a big Carl Edwards Jr. fan, but the same can’t be said for Duensing and Grimm.  After they walked away unscathed, I should’ve seen this coming #bullpennightmares.

You’d think that with all the emotional swings and a potential curse leaching onto my conscious that I’d be worried, but can anyone count out Miguel Montero in the eighth inning?

I will never.

The game ended up stretching into extra innings. I’ll save you the boring, irrelevant plays that happened except this.

(spell check: “era” = “error” #autocorrect)

“The Pearl Jam Curse” is officially not real. The Cubs’ pitching took us through a wild one, but the offense did what it does best – battled. St. Louis is scared, too. They should be.

Potential Curses. Emotional swings. Extra Innings. I’m spent. #FlyTheW.


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